Students from around Kathmandu have been forcefully taken to surround the army headquarters by the Maoists student organization. A incorrect way of protest in incorrect occasions at wrong venue. All pics by Shailendra Kharel

Looking in the photo above reminds me of that day when thousands of college students have been forcefully lined up on the road leading as much as the royal palace from Kathmandu international airport to welcome king Gyanendra returning back from his infamous African safari best fake breitling . Two days ago, students from Kathmandu were forcefully collected in equivalent manner by the Maoist affiliated student organization to surround the Nepali Army headquarters. Reason for the most recent action is the fact that the student organization wants to pressurize the army to disclose the whereabouts of the disappeared Nepali individuals replica omega prices . Yes, that ought to be disclosed, no query however the way the protest program was organized was inappropriate as well as the timing was undesirable move and also the venue was not suitable at all. replica audemars piguet "What if victims of Maoists atrocities go and surround [places like Kamidanda in Kavre] where Maoist soldiers are kept," asks an editorial in today's Kantipur that condemns the protest.

These are instances when the nation is involved in peace method and both state and Maoists have signed a 25-point code of conduct. The demonstration wasn't organized by any organizations affiliated with any on the seven parties but by the Maoists themselves within the type of students. Is not it a contradiction? Around the one hand, you will be around the table of peace talks and around the other hand you endeavor to instigate soldiers by shouting words like 'rapist' and 'killer' outside their barrack. fake omega watch The best thing about the day ahead of yesterday's ghearo plan was that the army behaved very responsibly. replica watches online The duty of supplying safety to the Army headquarter was given towards the police and soldiers confined themselves inside the barrack.

Who would have taken the duty had any individual soldier, pissed off with the remarks students outdoors were passing at them, come out of your building and opened fired at protestors? Everybody need to behave responsibly in these occasions. There is no point instigating persons on any pretext. Maoist's student organization should take note of this.

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